Monday, July 25, 2011

The "HEART" of My Garden by Susan Jenkins

This is the Heart in my garden and made by Susan Jenkins. She is an artist of many talents, but has recently been making these ceramic hearts with china bits and pieces which she specifically cuts for placement. My heart even has a special ladybug she made and fired from a section of scalloped plate. I have this nailed to the post by my back door for all to see and I treasure it so much. Thank you Susan! If you would like to see her other work go here to here etsy shop. To see her blog and paintings go here.


susan jenkins said...

Hi Kathryn! Thank you so, so much for generously showing your heart on your post!! I love where it is! It looks beautiful there and I'm very proud!!
You are so nice to show your heart and I thank you! Knowing how much i love your paintings how wonderful that you have "my heart".
Love, Susan

dulcy said...

Oh you lucky girl! I've been wanting one myself. I just love Susan's work. I enjoy all the details in her hearts, and the little surprises that are tucked away in each.


martinealison said...

Le coeur de ton jardin est rempli de couleur tout comme ton art... je comprends que tu sois sensible à ce chef-d'oeuvre.
gros bisous.