Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Nectarines and honeysuckle! And it is summer! We've had some hot, hot weather, but not as bad as others. If I position the fans just right, I can maintain a cool breeze running through the house, except when the sunlight hits the skylight in my studio. Then the heat rises. I have been painting, but I haven't been as pleased with the results. So I don't have much to post.  I'm at a standstill with the quilt for my sewing machine is not behaving right and it is just too hot to hand quilt. Happy news, though, for I sold a painting today!


LindaHunt said...

It was a nice one too.
I understand HOT! It was 102 today...thankfully we got some rain...made it quite humid but I didn't have to water the gardens.

I loved the ceramic heart that you purchased...very sweet!

Hope that tomorrow brings a wonderful paint day...cheers!

susan jenkins said...

Hi congradulations on your sale!! I sure do love this new one.
Glad you are keeping cool too!
I sure do hear ya about the sewing machine acting up...they do that!
xo Susan

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Kathryn, I apologize for not stopping by sooner to welcome you as a new follower of mine. Your blog is lovely. I look forward to seeing more of you wonderful painting.

Angela said...

Love your technique.