Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I've gone to the dogs!

Well, life goes on and I'm busier with other things besides painting, or at least, trying to finish those paintings. I have received a few pet portrait commissions through FaceBook from some old high school friends. You know, I really like doing this, too. First the client emails me lots of photos, then, we converse about the dog's personally, habits and quirks.  I work up a couple of sketches and drawings in an attempt to capture, without meeting said canine, what I feel would be the best pose. I have decided, based on past experience in painting a mural for a very picky client, to do all the decision making myself with no further contact with the client until the painting is completed. This is my fourth portrait and I haven't had a difficult client yet. I'm, as of yet, not working with a contract and hope that I do not get that busy or have problems that warrant a contract necessary.  One thing I do have in my favor is time.... a June Birthday. So here is the portrait based on this sketch.

I define a sketch as a study in pencil on paper, whereas a drawing, also in pencil, usually takes quite a bit more time and has a more finished quality to it. I have another sketch of this dog, which I see being painted in oils rather flat and more graphic in style. I want to paint this one in gouache with colored markers. 

I just love the shape of his head and body! I thought in the background I would spell out the dog's name the full height of his body with foreshortened letters. I have several cats which are tiger, but through many sketches, I still cannot capture their essence. What was I thinking? The cats know that!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"One Egg" 10" x 8" oil on Ampersand panel

I know that I've painted this similar composition before, but at least I'm painting. Just for a day. I really miss the painting and it shows when I work, how foreign mixing colors is for me. Once again, though, I'll complain about how difficult it is for me to set up a still life. It's almost time to move outdoors for some plein air work, which usually sets me back to the Ice Age progressively when I begin. Have you all checked out I'm giving it a shot at showing my work there. Carol Marine and her husband started this new website where any artist can show their work and have it for sell, if they wish. Carol is an awesome painter and teaches wonderful workshops.