Monday, August 27, 2012

"Contained Rose" 14" x 11" oil on gessoboard

I'm working on varying my set ups somewhat. Here I have a piece of chartreuse paper propped up against a magenta cloth background. To pot is gold ceramic and the rose is wilting fast! My brushstrokes are larger, for I love working with big brushes. I should use the same brushes on a much smaller panel. That would loosen me up!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Tomato Pie"  8" x 8"  oil on gessoboard

I have a pie plate that has a beautiful brown glaze. The plate is small, maybe 8", deep, and has a very scalloped edge that weaves it's way around my pie crusts. Everything I bake in this pie plate looks beautiful, especially top crust apple pie with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled and bubbling out of the top crust vents. So why not a tomato pie? I especially liked the twisted green vines curling their way through the air. I'd like to try painting this pie plate again soon. These are the same tomatos from "Triplets".

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Which One is Different?"  12" x 12"  oil on gessoboard

Today was my first attempt at painting brass. I plan to paint a similar set up tomorrow with this brass pot. I'm really enjoying the apple thing these days, however, the red one here looks more like a tomato. I've been writing a lot lately while I paint about my thought process and decisions I'm having to make with my color choices and composition. I find this helpful to go back later to see where I went wrong... not right. Really looking forward to Carol Marine's workshop. However, I have to drag all my still life props all the way out to Santa Fe in my luggage, and my easel....everything. I love a challenge when it comes to packing!

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Triplets" 8" x 8" oil on gessoboard

"Triplets" 8" x 8" oil on gessoboard

These tomatoes are slated for my salad tonight. Though I've only painted tomatoes once before, I thought I'd try these cute little ones. These are not from my garden....for those I grow just for the woodchuck that lives in the back  :) oh, and the deer! I haven't posted much lately, though I've been painting every day. Just not happy enough with the results, but I can feel a bit of an improvement today....after 2 wipe outs.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"A Bunch of Roses" 8" x 8" oil on panel

I find flowers to be so difficult to paint. I mean, one really needs to know it's anatomy first. I find myself, at times, getting lazy and just stylizing the flower by the shape and color. This was a bunch of roses, but  one flower resembles a morning glory! I worked with a lot of medium and drippy paint, but wiped out the one major drool. Tough, but I need to get with it and practice. I'm going to Carol Marine's Advanced Workshop in Santa Fe in October. Flowers, among many other difficult projects, will be covered. Yikes!