Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Peaceable Kingdom" farewell!

I had a sale in my etsy shop this week that actually saddened me. This is a picture of an embroidery I purchased at a tag sale on my street a few years ago. In the basement of this house, I came across a young girls entire school art portfolio. I remember when I did one of these pieces in high school. Well, I found two that were absolutely adorable so I purchased them both and this is one of them. Done in 1970, the artist's name is Debbie Easton and is depicting "The Lion and the Lamb" embroidered with yarn on a piece of burlap. It reminds me of a sampler like the ones done by young girls years ago. The couch stitch is mostly used throughout. This is the image I have on my computer desktop at the moment. I really did not think it would sell, so I felt somewhat safe in having it listed to "round-out" my shop. What a surprise when I checked the sales in my shop and found that someone in Arizona had purchased it. I wrote an email telling the purchaser how I felt about it leaving my house and I was reassured it was going to a loving home. Farewell to a beautiful piece of Debbie's art class project.....

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