Monday, May 23, 2011

"Azalea in Blue" 6" x 6" oil on panel

Well, I have received advise from several people to paint smaller. People, on etsy, are looking to spend less on a painting, perhaps their first, to begin their collection. I've painted 6" x 6" only a few times, fearing I would not be able to cram all my ideas into such a small space. I had to use different size brushes from what I usually use. I love big brushes, relatively speaking. A larger brush holds more paint, therefore allowing me to drag that sentence out a bit longer. I can see what is going on with the canvas when painted not so small. So, on this painting, I kept with medium size brushes busy with the establishing of my major shapes. I love to see the tracts of the brush as it releases the paints. Brush strokes show their organic capability, I think, with the larger brush. "Keep it simple," I keep telling myself. In painting classes I was taught to "Start with a broom and end with a bristle". I could just as well forget the bristle stage completely. Larger statements and a loud voice need ample tools.


LindaHunt said...

Yummy little painting! I took me a long time to enjoy smaller paintings and now I am uncomfortable with larger ones. I have stretched 15 larger canvases and need to begin again. I agree with large brushes...I prefer them.

susan jenkins said...

Well said! I have done alot of smaller works in the past and missed the larger brushes and long sentences as you say. I've decided to go back and forth!
You do say alot on a small format and that's what's important. Very nice,

Stephanie Berry said...

This came out very nice. I'm with you--I like big brushes and space. I feel cramped painting on 6x6" but understand the value of having smaller works to sell.

dulcy said...

I've been playing with a very small pastel with the addition of color pencils. Am not enjoying it! So, I've put it down for a bit, and am hoping to start another pastel sometime in the next few days. Have been hooking 2 little clutches, and am planning to start a larger wall piece that I have drawn out. I love your smaller piece Kathryn! I'm really drawn to the cobalt blue glass, as in my painting you did. Thanks for checking in, and hopefully, I'll create a new post soon. Hey, bring the bus tour anytime! Of course everything in a 60 mile radius is either flooded or blown away (and I mean really blown away) by tornadoes. Joplin is our neighbor just west of us. Awful!!

Doreen Stopczynski said...

Yes Kathryn you are so correct. I also enjoy a large canvas for my big ideas. I see that most of the artist on DPIAG use the 6x6, (so this is how it's done... to create a painting a day;-)) I enjoy viewing your work...thanks for sharing!

dulcy said...

I wish I could say I've been into my pastels.... but sadly, no. I'm still working on this little color pencil piece, and waiting for my husband to print off a photograph of his I would love to do. I've been hooking like mad, and am on the background of a wall hanging. It's sort of a totem idea that I've had in my mind to do for sometime. I'm going to Eureka Springs (great artist community in Ozark Mountains.... lots of galleries and Victorian homes perched on the hillsides) for a day long hook in this weekend, so hope to get a lot done. I checked out those miners lunch tins, and yes, would make great pastel storage! Would love to see a shot of the bag with the scarf on your door!