Friday, April 15, 2011

"Scattered" 10" x 10" oil on linen

I feel like I've exhausted my options on things to paint. The last two attempts have been wipeouts after two full days of painting. I tried to do a self portrait with my reflexion bouncing off the light of an old brownie camera flash bowl. Big. Silver. Round. Dull. The next one was a jar of colored pencils with a variety of other things scattered around. No good. Mistakes and failed starts are supposed to be good, I know. That's usually where I do my learning. So I cleaned the inside of my car, which I knew was a guaranteed success. I didn't learn much, but it caused me great pleasure to get into a clean car, start the engine, and move it 20 feet. Ever onward!
This painting, "Scattered", is for sale in my etsy shop at a lower price. Just trying to get that first sale.


Julia said...

Kathryn, changing gear and cleaning the car always works for me. I too like how it feels to get into a clean car. It feels like new.

I need to clean mine in a bad way. It's got more gravel and sand in it and it's driving me crazy.

Maybe you should try painting birds or small animals like cat and dogs although they might be a bit more challenging to do, you have so much talent... They are always popular with animal lovers.

I hope that you have that first sale. JB

Stephanie Berry said...

This is so lovely. I love the fresh and uncomplicated look of it. Love your paintings!!

LindaHunt said...

One of my favorite of your paintings...such lovely color!!

Angela said...

Love these pinks