Friday, April 8, 2011

"Just A Spoonful" 10" x 10" oil on linen

Well, today has been rather interesting. I finally went back to my old palette, which is just a piece of thick glass with white paper underneath. What a difference it makes to work with a clean palette! I also did my "thinking hard" session of painting and think that it finally paid off. But I need to be able to pull this off 10 times in a row, with success. There's nothing like being hard on yourself. But if I don't crack the whip, who will? My house is a wreck, it's time to do spring clean-up in the yard and I have recently ignored my vintage etsy shop. Laundry is piling up and no food in the house but milk. But I just want to stay off to myself and paint. A gallery contacted me today...they are interested in showing my work. This scares me! I don't do business, but I guess it is time to learn. Can you tell in this painting that the bottle on the left is opaque ...different than the others? That was my problem today; to paint transparent and opaque and be able to tell the difference between the two. I always have to solve a problem when I paint. It takes my mind away from the hard academics of painting.


LindaHunt said...

I like this piece, Kathryn. The composition is very interesting and balanced with the spoon adding a bit of edge. There is an interesting rythm in the piece. I like the colorful orange slices with the red violet shadows! I think the blue bottle on the left reads opaque and the other bottle read transparent. Best of luck and success with the Gallery!!

Lin*** said...

Wow...I just joined your BLOG today and stopped here to say that I surely love your "STILL LIFE" paintings.

I love to buy works of ART at Etsy and I will be sure to stop by your store there right now.

"Lin" (your new BLOG Member)

Stephanie Berry said...

Very successful painting.