Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Tomato Pie"  8" x 8"  oil on gessoboard

I have a pie plate that has a beautiful brown glaze. The plate is small, maybe 8", deep, and has a very scalloped edge that weaves it's way around my pie crusts. Everything I bake in this pie plate looks beautiful, especially top crust apple pie with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled and bubbling out of the top crust vents. So why not a tomato pie? I especially liked the twisted green vines curling their way through the air. I'd like to try painting this pie plate again soon. These are the same tomatos from "Triplets".

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dulcy said...

I really love this one Kathryn. The colors are wonderful! I'm feeling a bit on this week, and hopefully, will get back at the easel. As usual, a trip here inspires me.