Thursday, December 8, 2011

"On the Bright Side" 12" x 12" Oil on Panel

First let me say how thrilled I am to have so many of you tuning in to my blog. I love sharing my work and also enjoy reading and BIG TIME smiling at all your comments. Thank you!
We are not officially into winter yet, especially it seems with the springtime weather we've been having in SW Connecticut, but I'm really for the lock-in. I no longer have my nanny job with Piper, but still see her on a regular basis. She's really awesome for 13! So, that is supposed to leave me with a lot more time to paint. Right? Well, I'm creating delays in charging out of the starter's gate. But I think I'm settled with getting those long overdue chores out of the way, like the leaf clean-up. I have been painting all along through these months but very sporatically. Painting more out of guilt than desire. I'm writing more now about my working process again as I paint and sitting back to just study what is in front of me. I have a little show coming up in March and want to have consistently good pieces to offer. I've never considered myself a painter of flowers, but I'm finding that the floral still life are the ones that sell in my ETSY shop. I'm constantly searching for my voice in my work and I know that evolves through process and time....lots of it, too. I want to work larger, as I mentioned before and the 12" x 12" today is a comfortable size for me to tackle in a day or two. Nothing ever seems finished, but I know that at some point I have to release myself from the point of control to letting the piece go as it is. I know I need to practice every day and I really want to paint everyday. I just want to make sure that I'm excited about what is before me and not just settling for random objects on a table that offer up no inspiration. It's a really awesome experience to actually see the brush strokes before me without even picking up a brush. I want to surprise myself all the time with little random quirks from my brush, however my focusing ability is too random for consistent and sustainable awe...... So here's to a Wonderful and productive ( in your own way) Holiday for you all to enjoy with all the people and pets you love and way too many calories for extra credit. I hope to be entertaining all of you with some pretty awesome attempts with painting the still life over the next few weeks.


LindaHunt said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous!! Great composition...beautiful color...great light.

Julia said...

Beautiful painting. I like the rawness of your brush strokes. I'm not sure if I'm using the right adjective to describe what I mean. It's like objects appears at the stroke of the brush without being really defined yet all the composition of light and shade and colors are there defining the object.

Im not much of an art critic but I know that I like your paintings. JB

ronnie laforet said...

I really love the greens and pinks against the muted yellows!

ronnie laforet said...

I really liked your choices of warm and cold greens/pinks/yellows

martinealison said...

Une composition florale haute en couleurs... J'aime l'association de vos quartiers de fruits... Elles apportent une vie à votre sujet.
Un gros gros bisou à vous.

dulcy said...

I enjoyed curling up last night and looking at your blog, and all the gorgeous work in your Etsy store, Kathryn. I really love the painting in this post, but am a sucker for anything with the cobalt blue with orange. I'm excited that you're going to have a show coming up, and really hope you take photos to post on your blog. Your sweet comments help keep me inspired to do better with my art. I've finished my pastel for the holidays, and am really looking forward to starting something new. Not sure what, but have been looking around the house for something to set up. I think I may used some dried stems and pods from outside with some pottery. Also, love the larger work you're doing, even though it's hard to get a true sense of size on the blog. I wish we could just sit down with a cup of tea and chat all afternoon!

susan jenkins said...

I await your awesome attempts at still life in the New Year!! I LOVE all of your attempts!!
Happy New Year!! Here's to a great and creative year!!
xx Susan