Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Joker" colored pencil and ink on bristol

I've always wanted to design a deck of cards. Well, at least the face cards. Do Joker's count? This was just a fun little exercise.

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dulcy said...

Hi Kathryn.... thanks for checking in. I wish I could say that I drew yesterday, but have "crud" in my chest that really hit hard and fast. Today is my drawing class, and I fully intend to make it there. I'm working in pencil in class, but really want to start another pastel. I'm starting to look through magazines for a shot of nice vase of flowers. Doesn't sound extremely interesting, but I want to work with some blues, pinks, golds, and reds. Quick tip: if you keep your pastels in clear plastic boxes by color with some cornstarch or rice, it keeps your pastels clean. I haven't done this yet, but an acquaintance does and I'm very envious every time she whips out her very clean pastels. Find boxes at the dollar store. Your post was just what I need for quick inspiration today!