Friday, December 10, 2010

"3+4=7" oil on linen 18" x 20"

I have taken an interest in cobalt blue and aqua glass, and with all these tangerines around the house, what a nice compliment in color to paint them together. This is SO obvious, though, that tomorrow I need to find a different color palette to work with. I just found this beautiful little cobalt pitcher on etsy that I want to paint. It's so petite and the light shines through it so beautifully!


Mike said...

beautiful...cobalt and tangerines get along very well.

Mike said...

sweet. (:

dulcy said...

Once again... the cobalt blue and orange of the tangerines are a favorite combination of mine, and I simply love your work! I so enjoyed looking through your gallery. Your subject matter is very appealing to me. As for hooking, I have done some wool dyeing, but am lucky to have a couple of friends who do beautiful dye work that I buy from here in town. You can buy wool on-line and etsy, but it's always a gamble when you can't see it in person. I have a wool strip cutter with a couple of different blade... cutting by hand is way too time consuming, but I almost always cut some that way to fit special places. I cut strips about a foot long, or maybe somewhat shorter depending again on the space I want to fill. The cutters are a bit pricey, so I bought mine used and it's just as good as anything new. A lot of my wool choices are marbleized so it gives the look of using many different colors (which I sometimes do). I tend to use three or so values of a color in most areas that I hook for interest. Also, I draw my patterns on linen, but burlap works well, and so does monk's cloth. I keep my designs simple when I draw the pattern on, then add and try to make more interesting with the wool. If that makes any sense. I know a good place on line to buy a used cutter, Ault's Country Store in Ohio. You might want to get on-line and look up the work of Deanne Fitzpatrick. Her work, patterns, and books are very inspiring. There are many others who hook a bit "outside the box" that I really love. You might google rug hooking in your area and see what you come up with. Since you are in the east, I imagine you would have some good sources close by. Let me know if you need anymore info on this....Dulcy