Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Max" the dog

A few months ago a dear friend on Facebook wrote to me asking if I would do a portrait of her dog, Max. After receiving photos and information about Max I was eager to go. I knew what he smelled like, where he slept, his likes and dislikes of the outdoors and a well-rounded sense of who Max was. With all of his mixed- in good looks from various breeds of dogs, I thought that Max would be best portrayed in a celestial-type painting that included whimsical design. He's a real sweetheart, so why not paint him with trees, little Max's all in a row and the stars. He was very well- behaved and quite the patient sitter!

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Deborah said...

Kathryn - I wish you could see how beautiful Max looks on my wall. The "breathing" Max goes into the room and stares...sometimes I wish I could jump inside his head and find out exactly what he's thinking. This painting is so beautiful.