Monday, May 31, 2010

"Mug Shot # 1"

A few years ago I bought on eBay a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster. I found the mixer to look not too dissimilar from a squid when the top was popped off, therefore becoming a hand mixer. EBay then had another Sunbeam mixer for auction of a different vintage. The design was similar but the wooden handle had a sleeker design. Once again though, the mixer, to me looked to be the brother of the other one I owned, with it's oblong body, two black eyes and the cord serving as the tentacles. I had to paint these! A series of paintings evolved from my little spending spree on eBay once I became the owner of 3 mixers. I found the best way to show off the similarities of the mixers, but to still exhibit individuality of each was to do mug shot paintings. "Okay number 3, let's see a profile." This painting is of "Mug Shot # 1, with Accomplice", the green bowl.


Deborah said...
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Deborah said...

Kathryn - I love this painting. It is quite quaint and interesting. I think it would fit quite nicely in an older family owned bakery, or in a grandmother's kitchen. It's a beautiful painting...just like all of your others. You've outdone yourself on this one!

kate said...

Hi - I have finally found your blog and just love these paintings - as always! Did you do 2 more takes on the vintage mixer? Can I see them? Also -LOVE the mouse! Enjoy your trip and your personal sketching along the way.