Friday, January 20, 2012

"Visitors" 8" x 8" Oil on Panel

The Florence Griswold Museum

Well, anyone who knows my work knows that I love to work with eggs. Especially those raw in clear a glass container. The variations of yellow I love with the distortions caused by the glass. I'm working now on putting a little show together for early March. Actually the show is booked, I just need to get everything framed and have cards printed. The last couple of weeks have been rather sad for me, for my best friend and art buddy, Carol Dulaney died. We first met in Studio 2 in Westport, Connecticut in a painting class, then roomed together for my first painting workshop on Block Island. In the late 80's we would drive into NYC every week for 2 years to explore art. Primarily we were hunting out paintings, but found many surprises along the way. Of course lunch, or tea at the Stanhope was mandatory to replenish our thirst and feast our eyes once again. We did a lot of sketching there, too. As the years passed, we still did workshops and gallery hunting, but then there were times when we just sat around talking art and books.   
On one of our last trips together, we checked into a hotel to watch the Presidential Returns with full room service. Carol was so lovely and generous. She was there for my divorce and knee replacement surgery and I would be there for her surgeries. I miss her so much. I will always look at art with a bit of her spin on the academics and theories. She would have loved the opening of the new American Wing at The Met and the latest Biennial Show at the Whitney. One of our favorite museums was at one time a boarding house for an art Colony in Old Lyme, Connecticut, called The Florence Griswold Museum. This was the location of the beginning of American Impressionist Movement and is such a wonderful gallery to see some of these early paintings. I must make a trip back there again soon. Anyway, I dearly miss Carol, as do so many others.


Nora MacPhail said...

Beautiful. I like the pastel palette you work with. Lovely.
Have a wonderful creative weekend,

martinealison said...

Je suis navrée d'apprendre que vous ayez perdu une amie chère...
Il n'y a pas de mot qui puisse alléger votre peine, mais il est bon pour vous d'en parler...
Une très jolie peinture pleine de douceur. Dans les oeufs, i y a la vie.
Continuez à nous surprendre avec vos belles peintures.
Gros bisous

dulcy said...

Beautiful work Kathryn. I always am awed by your talent. I'm so sorry about your friend. So very sad. I lost my dear friend, Susie, a few weeks ago. So, I feel your loss right now.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my sheet repairs. It seems silly to blog about, but a good feeling of accomplishment.

susan jenkins said...

Love the eggs! Well done!!
xo Susan