Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working with Apples These days

Well, I have worked a little bit with the painting, but too much has been happening in my non-studio life.
I thought this apple would turn brown before I could finish a sketch, much less a painting, but in looking back, I'm not singing praises for my work. It was important that, at least, I put in the time and try. I love this bottle that I found at IKEA. They sold in a 3-pack in different shades of aqua. What a find! I need to work on more interesting set ups..... that seems to be my big struggle-du-jour. In this second painting, non of the items appear to be anchored down. Well, all of them have that problem. Perhaps I'm worrying about the wrong things here. I have a few other things to post, but not all at once. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Bottoms Up"

I have many things to post for I have been painting a bit lately. The difficult task of setting up a still life is still haunting me most every day. I don't want to copy what someone else has done, but still be fresh in my approach to my subjects. I've tried to think of my palette first, then pull from my surroundings items that help me to realize my colors. I want to tackle folds in fabric more....a lot more, but some days I'm reluctant. Lazy? You betcha! Folds are very difficult for me, but that only means practice, practice.