Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Pears" oil on linen 10"x 10"

Well, the good news is that I opened my etsy shop today. Here is the link.     I don't see how I can fit my paintings in among the merchandise, though. I know that I should get it in there somehow. Any suggestions....I'm open. When I painted this, I had the pears on the right side of the canvas...totally vertical. But I knew that something looked wrong. So I just tried rotating the picture. Lousy way to save a painting, but I do think that it looks better this way.


martinealison said...

Elles dansent bien vos poires... Bisous

dulcy said...

Love the pears! I have a few painting of pairs in my kitchen. I'm hoping to do a pastel of pears at some point. So... are you wanting to add your paintings to your shop? If so, and you don't think they fit with your current shop, why not open another Etsy shop with a different name? You could add a link to both on the sidebar of your blog. I would love to see your painting for sale if that is something you're wanting to do. I know that some artists are too attached to sell their work (I completely understand that, which I why I don't sell my rugs). Anyway, just a thought. I would love to be able to purchase one of your paintings at some point. Hoping to work on my new one tomorrow. I'm finding it very difficult and hoping I will stick with it. It's from a photograph of a fox taken last spring in our yard. Hopes for a great weekend!